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What if you could get direct feedback as to which of your campaigns are working and which ones are not getting any interactions? How about knowing where the majority of users that ended up purchasing are coming from? Is this information you would consider valuable?

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Businesses who leverage the full power of big data could increase their operating margins by as much as 60%.

Poor data insights or “lack of understanding the data or users” are cited as the #1 reasons for overrunning project costs.

Leading marketers are 71% more likely than the mainstream to regularly use estimates to bridge gaps in measurement. 

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Drive your business forward with Analytic services from Sephyroth. 
Google Analytics is a powerful tool when it is properly managed, but without the correct setup and interpretation, it can guide you to the wrong conclusions. 

Sephyroth can help you understand your audience at a deeper level by answering questions such as:

  • Which website pages are people losing interest at?

  • How much is each advertising channel actually contributing to sales?

  • What demographics and geographical areas are responding to your campaigns the best?

Other crucial insights

Where people are and are not clicking.


How many people scroll down the page and where most stop.


What kind of source drives a certain click the most.


How your sales funnel is performing.


Most popular devices used.

Digital Analytics will also help you:

Understand your SEO keywords better.

Assess page quality.

Comprehend social activity results.

Track offline successes.

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